MISCOM7028GX layer 2 full Gigabit managed industrial Ethernet switch is a high-performance Ethernet communication product developed for industrial communication. The product uses high-performance industrial-grade switch chip. It supports 8 Gigabit Combo ports +20 Gigabit SFP ports with AC220V/DC110V power input. It can improve network communication stability with wiring saved. The MISCOM7028GX series products can meet the high-end requirements of the industrial application environment and the communication performance especially for the smart grid.

Model Number MISCOM7028GX-20GF-8GC-2AD220
Operating Temperature -40 Degree C to 70 Degree C
Material Aluminium
Voltage AC/110-370VDC
Humidity 5% to 95%(Not Condensing)
IP Rating IP40
Switch Type MANAGED
N° Port 28
Speed Port //
Type Port FIBER